Hi! My name is Matthew Ostil and I'm a game designer & developer from Toronto. If you're looking for a game designer for your studio, or someone to collaborate with, feel free to contact me. Thanks for checking out my portfolio!
Matthew Ostil||Game Design Portfolio||
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Tallnum is a puzzle game about numbers and the different ways one can perceive them. Players are taught how to control a set of numbers through simple swipe interactions and are encouraged to experiment with various strategies. By combining equal values together players can put their mental power to the test and try to beat the highest score.

  • Company:qixen-p design
  • Role:Unity Developer
  • Platform:Android & IOS
  • Implemented social features, ads and analytics
  • Solo developer, built in Unity3D for both Google and iTunes release
  • Worked in collaboration with a designer and artists


Theropods is a point-click adventure game that is a throw back to the retro era. The player takes control of an amazon soon after a mysterious meteor crashes nearby. Filled with dinosaurs, dangers and complex puzzles, players will learn the secrets behind the mysterious arrival.

  • Role:Unity Developer
  • Platform:PC
  • Implemented the logic and artwork
  • Worked with unique plugins to create a working pipeline
  • Created a playable demo in Unity3D for the Kickstarter campaign

The Universim

An upcoming god-game in which players watch over their civilizations as it grows, evolves and conquers the stars. Using the Unity build Prometheus Engine, all planets will be randomly generated created a new experience every time. The Universim is being created by a collaboration of people from all around the world.

  • Company:Crytivo Games
  • Role:Game Designer
  • Platform:Steam (PC)
  • Design a unified core game loop that connects all features into a fun, revolutionary game
  • Successful Kickstarter project, raising over $400,000
  • Create mockups and designs to present to the developers
  • Plan milestones and workflow
  • Involved with the community via the official website to keep supporters involved

Webkinz Friends

This was Ganz's first Facebook project and is a town management game. It uses the Webkinz brand but focuses on targeting the older players on Facebook.

  • Company:Ganz Studio
  • Role:Game Designer and Content Coordinator
  • Platform:Facebook and Mobile (iOS)
  • Design, document and mock up new features and content
  • Implement new content through Content Management tools
  • Coordinate releases and ensure Art, Dev and QA are prepared
  • Organize and balance content with Excel
  • Analyze player behavior data to make accurate decisions
  • Manage the community through Ganzworld and Facebook

Goober's Atomic Adventure

A match-3 game that was the first arcade game in Webkinz World that had both saved player data and social requests.

  • Company:Ganz Studio
  • Role:Level Designer
  • (Web) and Mobile
  • Designed and balanced all 70 levels, with more in progress
  • Documented and created mockups for new features and trophies
  • Balance the progression between level difficulty
  • Worked closely with Dev to implement features
  • Coordinate play testing to collect data

Ganz Studio

At Ganz, we multitask on many different projects outside of our main ones, to help wherever we can.

    • Create general designs for Webkinz Arcade
    • Create articles and article artwork for Ganzworld
    • Manage and moderate community via social media
    • Minor voice acting and video involvement
    • Minor work on Tail Towns Facebook