Hi! My name is Matthew Ostil and I'm a game designer & developer from Toronto. If you're looking for a game designer for your studio, or someone to collaborate with, feel free to contact me. Thanks for checking out my portfolio!
Matthew Ostil||Game Design Portfolio||
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The Universim

An upcoming god-game in which players watch over their civilizations as it grows, evolves and conquers the stars. Using the Unity build Prometheus Engine, all planets will be randomly generated created a new experience every time. The Universim is being created by a collaboration of people from all around the world.

  • Company:Crytivo Games
  • Role:Game Designer
  • Platform:Steam (PC)
  • Design a unified core game loop that connects all features into a fun, revolutionary game
  • Successful Kickstarter project, raising over $400,000
  • Create mockups and designs to present to the developers
  • Plan milestones and workflow
  • Involved with the community via the official website to keep supporters involved
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