Hi! My name is Matthew Ostil and I'm a game designer & developer from Toronto. If you're looking for a game designer for your studio, or someone to collaborate with, feel free to contact me. Thanks for checking out my portfolio!
Matthew Ostil||Game Design Portfolio||
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A spin on the classic break bricker but with unique mobile controls: swipe to spawn balls and tap to spawn paddles. Complete all 50 levels in both classic and run modes.

  • Role:Game Designer and Developer
  • Platform:Mobile (Android)
  • Developed core game loop in Unity, C#
  • Designed the 50 levels in the game
  • Created mockups and design documentation


A simple pattern recognition game where the player must destroy as many Blox as possible. The bigger the pattern, the better the score!

  • Role:Game Designer and Developer
  • Platform:Mobile (Android, iOS)
  • Developed in Unity for both Android and iOS platforms
  • Integrated third party social SDKs (Facebook, Google Play, etc.)

Chopper Strike

An action packed helicopter game that plants it's roots in some of the old-school games from the SNES era. Take control of your helicopter as you complete challenging objectives while dodging intense enemy fire.

  • Role:Game Designer and Developer
  • Platform:PC

Novus Dawn

Novus Dawn was a portfolio project that involved over 15 members from around the world. A tactical RPG with high quality isometric pixel art and a strong soundtrack backing the story.

  • Role:Project Lead and Game Designer
  • Platform:PC
  • Designed story, art and overall creative direction
  • Managed budgets and planned workflow for all team members
  • Controlled budget to be spent on art via third party studios
  • Held weekly meetings and wrote monthly progress reports to keep team aligned